In a Happy Place: Keys 1631 - 1634

In a Happy Place: Keys 1631 - 1634

I am blessed to know great people like my friend Kelly; Kelly is smart and fun and entirely generous. Last week I received a box of key making goodies from her:


Key 1631 is made from a long screwdriver bit (Robertson) my husband found on the road; a big rusted metal ring thing (also courtesy of my husband); broken glass; earrings from Kelly; bits from my collection; and a cool medallion that was a clasp on a notebook that I was fortunate enough to have gifted to me by my friend April.

Key 1631 one side - 1.JPG
Key 1631 other side - 1.JPG

Key 1632 is made with a hinge pin; earrings (a hoop from my collection and clip-ons from Kelly); a beaded bracelet; a brooch; and a tiny gold elephant on a chain). This key is in honour of Kelly and was made with her joyful spirit in mind.

Key 1632 one side - 1.JPG
Key 1632 Other Side - 1.JPG

Key 1633 is made with more bits from Kelly and some bits from my collection (like the brass bookmark on the end and an earring I bought at a Paris flea market last spring) that I’ve been saving for something special.

Key 1633 one side - 1.JPG
Key 1633 other side - 1.JPG

Key 1634 is made from a squished piece of metal I found while biking this summer, pen nibs from Paris, and more pieces from Kelly and my collection of goodies. Sometimes I find that the most beat up road bits make the best keys!

Key 1634 one side - 1.JPG
Key 1634 other side - 1.JPG
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