Grateful Sunday and Treasure Tuesday!

The power was out last Sunday due to a surprise dump of April snow:


My neighbour actually saw electricity sparking off the power lines!

I am very grateful that:

  1. the trees and the garage by the sparks did not catch fire
  2. City crews were out right away
  3. I got to go out for breakfast and
  4. the only suitable indoor activity was reading a book and taking a nap; both of which I enjoyed immensely.

I am also grateful that the pansies I planted survived being buried under a foot of snow:


This also meant that:

  1. I did not try and solder that day (no power); and
  2. I did not try and use the Dremel tool that day (no power).

The power did come back on in the afternoon. After some chores and a rather boring supper I tried my hand at using a soldering iron. This did not work. Perhaps the soldering iron is too old and does not generate enough heat? Perhaps the metal pieces I tried to solder just aren't conducive to soldering? (this is the most likely culprit) Or perhaps it won't matter how many You-tube videos I watch I just won't get the hang of it!

I will try using some solder and a torch one day. I will also try using that lovely Dremel tool one day soon.

For now I am very happy with the heavy duty gel medium from Golden that holds all my sculptures together.

On Tuesday I was the recipient of many treasures:

  1. a box in the mail from my sister-in-law filled with beautiful jewelry bits (yes!)
  2. a message from a friend asking if I wanted a bag of her no-longer-needed jewelry (yes!)
  3. the perfect found earring from my husband (who collects many useful and cool things for me on his walks - yes!)

Here's a picture of the box and bag of treasures:


Here's a picture of Key 56/5000:


This is the first key I made since making my 5000 key vow. It took awhile to find the right bits for it; especially for the centre. First I tried this pearl surrounded by diamonds:

fake pearl surrounded by fake diamonds

But on Tuesday morning it didn't look right so I took it off and tried this coloured piece of glass instead:

coloured glass bit









The coloured glass was quite a bit better but still not totally right.

Then my husband came home from his walk with this crushed earring:

black sparkly found earring with copper backing and post attached

It was perfect! And Key 56 was complete.

Thank you Treasure Tuesday for all the unexpected gifts!

And thank you weather for warming up and changing my yard to this:


Keys 35 - 40

Sold! Keys 25 - 34