Since I'm making 5000 keys I am going to need supplies. Last weekend my husband helped me out by counting and carrying supplies from our friendly, local auction house. This week I went hunting by myself - which is my usual modus operandi - and checked out an epic garage sale that filled an entire neighbourhood. Someone told me that 50,000 people go to this epic sale every year. Pretty impressive for a town of 260,000!

I got very lucky at the second house I stopped at (where I purchased bags (and bags) of beads and bits of jewellery). Joy!

Later on I purchased a doll bed frame for 25 cents. I think it will make a good fairy bed for a garden. What's the point of finding stuff for one project if you can't get sidetracked into ideas for other projects?

IMG_0328 IMG_0330

I also found some metal shoe forms and pant stretchers from the 1940's. Really those pant stretchers should be called crease keepers 'cause that was their purpose. The pant stretchers were for a costume designer friend and the lady at that house threw them in for almost free because I bought the shoe forms. I picked up a few other bits of jewellery and one guy gave me some metal bars with screws that are used on the back of a power box (to hold the wires in).

People seemed to just give things to me if I was interested in learning about them.

str8-up t-shirt

Many of the houses at the epic garage sale were holding fundraisers for local charities. I purchased this t-shirt to support the organization Str8 Up; a great organization that helps people leave gang life.

On my way home I stopped at a thrift store and ended up with two cases that originally held silverware; I have to put all these key making supply items somewhere! Plus I think it will be easier to dig through a somewhat flat box to look for things. And this might keep my work table a little neater.


Later in the afternoon I went to an estate sale and got all kinds of lovely, rusted things:

IMG_0326 IMG_0325 IMG_0324

I bought the tackle box, tub of washers, and socket set. I haggled a bit over the socket set because I told the guy selling it that I didn't want it for a socket set but to make things. So then he pulls out these two big plastic containers of rusted goodies and sells me the lot - containers and all - for $7.50. Nice!

I'm very fortunate to have the time and money to pursue this new key making passion. For many years in my life this would not have at all been possible. I really enjoyed the great treasures I stumbled upon today. But still, to me, the best treasures are the ones found on the streets, sidewalks, and ground where I live. Here's what my husband and I found on our travels this week:

found objects April 27 - May 2, 2015

Look for any of the above items (except the t-shirt) on a key or a sculpture soon.


Keys 41 - 55/5000

Keys 35 - 40