Thought Success and one more key

Thought Success and one more key

I thought it would be a good idea to get some small cardboard boxes to pack away each key individually. That way I could store them by number, find them quickly, and even ship them should someone care to buy one. I even found some boxes online but have yet to take the plunge and order them. Yesterday I unpacked one of the boxes of terminals that I had purchased from my friendly auction house...turns out the terminals are packaged in small boxes: terminal boxes

About a month ago I bought some small shelf units from a garage sale:

wooden shelf

I wanted to use the wooden shelve parts to assist me in applying the resin to the keys so I took the shelves apart:

wooden slats




I did use the slats the first time I "resined" the keys. Now I'm using wire racks and a paint brush for the resin application so no longer need the slats. But I'm sure I'll find some other use for them.

After I took the shelves apart I was left with the spindles (as well as the slats):

wooden spindles

I thought...these would make great keys...I could make keys out of wood - why not?

After this thought I happened by one garage sale on the weekend on my way home from a work event; it was a busy weekend so there was little time for garage sales. So at this one garage sale the only jewelry to be found was this:


Yes, that's right...I decide to make wooden keys and the next thing I know I am coming across some wooden jewelry!

I remembered seeing some wooden curtain rings at Value Village and I thought, hmm...wooden curtain rings...that would be great for these wooden keys I want to make. Alas, the wooden curtain rings were no longer at the VV Boutique. However, they did have wooden napkin rings (score!).

Yesterday I made a trip to my favourite, generous, local auction house. Because I was making another large purchase, and because they wanted to clean out some stock, one of the owners gave me many great and useful key making items. Among them were some wooden curtain rings (which I hadn't noticed because they were stored way up high on the wall):

wooden napkin rings and curtain rings





Watch for some wooden keys in the coming months.




I'm adapting the lighting on a sculpture I made and thought it would be better if the light switch were more accessible. The battery pack is slightly too large for the base of the sculpture. I thought it would be good if I found something to extend the base. I tried a few things but couldn't find anything that was quite right. I had bought a domed clock at a garage sale (key making parts!) and realized the base from that clock might work on the sculpture. It does but it's a bit too big...I thought, if only I had a smaller base like this one...I was at the consignment store when I came across a smaller lamp base - perfect! And because the price tag had come off the lady at the store gave it to me for free:

sculpture base

It's joyful to me that I can think about something and then it shows up. Right now I'm thinking about different keys to make and a life of creativity, happiness, and abundance. Here's the latest key:

one side key 131

other side key 131


Groundwork and a Shot of the Shopping Cart

Groundwork and a Shot of the Shopping Cart

Keys 119 - 130 "Framed"