Keys #132 - 139

Keys #132 - 139

Key 132  



Some times a person just needs to changes things up. These keys are painted and made from several wooden garage sale and auction house finds:


I bought this shelf at a garage sale and rescued the spindles from it:

wooden shelf

wooden spindles

then I found some wooden beads...


and some napkin and curtain rings:

wooden napkin rings and curtain rings

So I made them into "keys":

wooden keys

I decided to spray paint them. I wasn't at home so I ended up using a shed as a paint booth:

impromptu spray booth

Here's what the base coat looked like:

base coat

I really love using Lumiere acrylic paint - especially the "halo" kinds where two different colours show up depending on which way the light hits the paint. This paint is actually for fabric; I'll have to try that some time! Here are the first keys I've painted:

keys 133 and 134

keys 135 and 136

keys 137, 138, and 139

key 137

Keys 140 - 154

Keys 140 - 154

Groundwork and a Shot of the Shopping Cart

Groundwork and a Shot of the Shopping Cart