Keys 188 - 199

Keys 188 - 199

one side keys 188, 189 Still working on improving that resin application and still having fun making keys. Here are the latest ones:







other side keys 188, 189

Keys 188 and 189 have little angel pins on them...

one side key 190


I like the colour of the flower on one side of key 190; the blue on the other side is very bright and cheers up the more serious blue in the centre of the spokes.

other side key 190

Key 191 is the first time that I've used a bright yellow with a dark grey metal - a different contrast than usual. The other side is sparkly so that's always good.

one side key 191



other side key 191









Key 192 is one of the larger keys. I like the very gold gold of the leaf on the bottom of this key.

one side key 192

other side key 192









More sparkles on key 193; I find the pink particularly beautiful.

one side key 193

other side key 193









Key 194 reminds me of a lollipop. Those sequin things got into some sort of party around this key...

one side key 194

other side key 194









Key 195 is pretty dramatic - that's one big flair happening on one side. Key 196 is small but also solid and straightforward, sometimes a person needs a bit of that.

one side keys 195, 196

other side keys 195, 196









I like the sparkles on both sides of key 197 and I also like that it's simpler. Sometimes a person needs a bit of that too.

one side key 197

other side key 197









I find key 198 very pretty and I particularly like the clear colours and pointy finial on the end of the key.

one side key 198

other side key 198









I debated over adding more decoration to key 199 but in the end left it "plain" because, you know, sometimes less is more. Thanks for viewing!

key 199

Stay the Curious Course

Stay the Curious Course

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