so much disarray!

so much disarray!

I'm looking forward to taking part in the Broadway Street Fair on September 12. I've been getting ready and I've also been out of town.  And my house is in disarray! Not quite complete disarray but almost. Rather than get overwhelmed by my to-do-list and my concern over not having quite finished that latest batch of keys I thought I'd take a bunch of pictures of the big mess and share it with you. This means that I can:

  1. Feel good that I have posted something;
  2. Document the "before" shots; and
  3. Look forward to sharing the "after" shots. [Don't worry - I'll get there - it will just take awhile.]

Here are those pics:

things piled on the bay windowsil


My house is not that big in terms of North American standards - just under 1000 square feet counting the porch. At this point I think there are things stored in every room of the house with the exception of the kitchen, the bathroom, and my husband's office/man cave (formerly the bedroom of child #1).



things stacked against the wall




Currently the dining room has several things stacked along the walls, on the floor, on the windowsill, and all over the table (more on that later).


things piled on the floor

I have one project on the go next to the furnace and on top of the freezer...

half of a project

the other half of a project

It's almost done and I probably would have finished it tonight but I had some surprise company and we went for a walk and now I'm blogging instead of finishing this one thing.


Really - can you blame me for heading outside on a beautiful night when my workspace looks like this?

the mess in my workspace

more mess in my workspace

Perhaps when I get it sorted out I will have the courage to refer to it as a studio and not just a workspace, and, of course, there are things piled on the floor here too:

things piled on the floor in my workspace...

And there are several almost finished keys which would probably take me to 300 if I were able to get that last little bit of work done:

not quite finished keys

I decided to lay out the unframed metal keys that I have for sale and create an inventory list. I'll get to that as soon as I post this. It was rather encouraging to unpack these keys and rediscover their personalities. I even found a key I thought I'd lost. So, a bright spot at the end of a big mess:

key inventory





Keys 276, 277, 278

Keys 276, 277, 278

Keys 264 - 275