Keys 279 - 282

Keys 279 - 282

Every day my house is slightly less messy. Only slightly less. But still. Made a few more keys in the chaos: one side key 279




Gold mica flakes on the edges of the rings on this key. And a really rusted something in the centre.

other side key 279

one side key 280


I don't know what the copper things are for. I like the colour as well as the interesting shape.

other side key 280

one side key 281


This is a pretty hefty key. That bird would have been some sort of statement broach. And the big iridescent black piece on the other side was part of a really huge necklace. Not sure who could have pulled off either of those pieces of jewelry.

other side key 281

one side key 282


A pretty little key to open the door to romance. Going to think about that instead of my messy house.






other side key 282

What do you think this key opens?

Keys 276, 277, 278

Keys 276, 277, 278