Keys Amidst the Chaos (283 - 287)

Keys Amidst the Chaos (283 - 287)

My basement/studio/workspace is very messy. It's been a bit overwhelming. I find myself leaving and going for walks or bicycle rides just to get some courage to face up to it all and, hopefully, make some sort of plan. I find the walks do help; I often sort things out and come up with solutions for the mess when I'm out wandering. messy basementPartly it's messy because I'm resorting and reorganizing and partly it's messy because I just took part in a street fair and partly it's messy because I've been buying more supplies. Slowly I'm making progress.

Very slowly.

But celebrate the little things right?


I managed to create a work station for "resining" the keys.  I bought this little workbench from my neighbour's garage sale:

resin station

And I emptied some of the boxes (now neatly stacked beside the workbench) into some cool new bins I bought on sale (well 2 for 1) that are on the bottom of this display rack (that I bought at a garage sale at the beginning of the summer):

suppliesIt's on wheels so I can easily move it away from the resin station when I need that and away from my worktable when I need that.

So this part of the room is starting to look better.



And so is my worktable:

cleaner worktable

I'm pretty excited to be able to see the top of the table again!





But don't be fooled. The display rack and table are really looking good because I moved everything to the floor and another part of the room so I can sort through it:

mess from worktable and display rack

In and amongst all this basement and buying and street fair activity I made some more keys:

one side key 283

other side key 283

one side key 284

other side key 284

one side key 285

other side key 285

one side key 286

other side key 286

one side key 287

other side key 287

Going for walks is a lovely way to spend time and sort things out. Last night I didn't go for a walk. I made some keys instead (even though the surrounding mess is annoying and disconcerting).

An even lovelier way to lose time and feel peace.


the path widens (or, small bits of progress)

the path widens (or, small bits of progress)

What do you think this key opens?