Keys 311 - 319 (Ring Things, Washer Things, and Bracelets)

Keys 311 - 319 (Ring Things, Washer Things, and Bracelets)

one side key 311 Key 311: fancy and somehow French.

other side key 311

one side key 312

Key 312: a small sparkly heart on one side and bigger sparkly flower on the other side. And a bracelet.

other side key 312

one side key 313

Key 313: lots and lots of these ring things that I don`t know what they are originally for. They are thin and flexible. And if this key is going to be that ostentatious it`s a good thing that it`s also thin and flexible.

other side key 313

one side key 314

Key 314: a male key.

other side key 314

one side key 315

Key 315: soft-coloured gold butterfly on the one side and a happy flower and rainbow barrette on the other side. For grown up little girls.

other side key 315

one side key 316

Key 316: a solid key with a unique end bit and more modern blue and green bits.

other side key 316

one side key 317

Key 317: another bracelet and some clock hand bits on the end with some earring bits.

other side key 317

one side key 318

Key 318: a most photogenic key with a bracelet and some lovely sparkly bits.

other side key 318

one side key 319

Key 319: more of those flexible rings (made more solid by the resin) and some truly sparkly parts. The end bit is rhinestones in a gold and black setting - something I haven`t found very often.

other side key 319

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