Adding Paint! Keys 324 - 327

Adding Paint! Keys 324 - 327

Over the course of the summer I opened many little boxes and spray painted over a thousand terminals. IMG_0096 IMG_0097

I really loved using the Krylon Premium spray paint - it was truly luscious! I could only find it in chrome so that was slightly disappointing; I will keep my eye out though for other metallics in this brand.




After I painted all those terminals it was back to the fun of making keys!


I decided to add paint to the latest ones. Here are the results:

one side key 324







Key 324: brass spray paint and gold paint on the ring on the other side.


other side key 324

Key 325: green paint on one side of the rings...

one side key 325

...purple paint on the other side.

other side key 325

Key 326: brass spray paint on the terminal, green paint on one side...and...

one side key 326

...more green paint on the other side. Also a lion "door knocker" that was really a drawer pull from a demo of an old dining room cupboard in an amazing house that my friend bought and brought back to life. That house had stucco on everything (even the sink and shower); closed off doors; windows hidden behind false walls; and newspaper stuffed down the furnace vents. I'm not sure what I think of this key...I'm not really fussy about the ring things - they look a bit like tin can lids. But I made it and there it is. One less key on my journey to 5000! And the memory of that strange house is a good one.

other side key 326

Key 327: I like the white paint. I maybe could have filed down the paint around the edges of the rings but there it is, the way it is.

one side key 327

I'd like to make some keys were I paint over the entire key. I think that'd look cool.

other side key 327

Thanks for stopping by!


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