Keys 342 - 346

Keys 342 - 346

one side key 342 Key 342: has angel wings on the end of it.

other side key 342

one side key 343

Key 343: has a centre piece from the Walt Disney Corporation on the one side (not sure what it's supposed to be - a mirror from Snow White maybe?) and also a heart with the name Lou on it.

other side key 343

one side key 344

Key 344: my husband found a piece of jewelry on the road just as I was looking for a centre piece for the one side. The glass bead on the other side is exceptionally intriguing to me. I have no idea where it came from.

other side key 344

one side key 345

Key 345: has discs made out of screens in it. These were from the generous people at Rose's Auction. Not sure what their real purpose is.

other side key 345

one side key 346

Key 346: snowflakes and hearts.

other side key 346

Keys 347, 348, 349

Keys 347, 348, 349

Keys 337 - 341

Keys 337 - 341