Try, try, again (or, this key is not working)

This is shaping up to be a time of fixing what isn't working. Our TV is in the repair shop (since mid-October); apparently that's how long it takes for a new part to reach a Canadian city on the prairies. When you are the only repair shop in town I suppose you can take as long as you like.Also not really working is our computer - which I tried several ways to sort out prior to paying for help - in the end the house call technician got it back on track long enough for us to take it to a repair shop tomorrow for a new hard drive. According to my 20-year-old:

  • I should be able to do this myself and
  • computer repair shops will become obsolete once the old people (who aren't born knowing how computers work) are dead.

I am confident I could switch the actual hard drive...transferring the data is another story (and not a thing I want to experiment with). The good news about the computer repair is that it will take less than a week to complete (unlike the TV repair).  The other good news is that I know that there will be plenty of young people who also won't know how to fix computers in the future (so those repair people's jobs are safe).

Some times I try many things before getting a key to "work".

This is the first time I've thought about just chucking the whole thing and starting over:

IMG_0254 IMG_0253

I've ripped quite a few bits off of it. That's dead gel medium on the bottom part of the key. It actually doesn't look as bad in the pictures as it does in real life. Usually the keys look better in real life than they do in the pictures. I'm thinking of adding another layer of chain around the end of the key. I'll see how that goes.

I'll also see if that TV gets fixed before Christmas. If it's still not back I think I'll be checking out those Boxing Day Sales.

In the meantime, I will continue to make keys (I am getting close to the 400 mark - I just won't be able to blog about it until the computer is back).


Keys 367 - 370

Keys 367 - 370

Keys 362 - 366

Keys 362 - 366