Keys 371 - 375

Keys 371 - 375

one side key 371 Key 371: a pink sparkly broach on the one side and a lovely Victorian looking pin on the other side. I've always really liked these smaller keys; I don't have many of the smaller terminals* left so these little keys are extra special to me.

*terminals are metal pins/clamps that I use as the base for many of the keys

other side key 371

one side key 372

Key 372: has sparkly bits on the ends on both sides. One day I will take a photograph that shows off the dazzle.

other side key 372

one side key 373

Key 373: is a different flavour from the more recent keys. The main washer is quite heavy. The other brownish embellishments also help to make this a more grounded key.

other side key 373

one side key 374

Key 374: Is light and airy. The chrome paint really turned out well. There is a military pip on the centre of the other side.

other side key 374

one side key 375

Key 375: "Key of Tears". The resin on the one side was past its time when I used it...but I persevered. This resulted in a more lumpy resin that looks like the key is being rained on or covered in tears. I was going to add another resin coat to even it out but decided that the current look has more character. The other side is smooth. This key has a very distinct personality. I wonder what the person who wore the flairy white gold broach that's at the top of the key on the other side was like?

other side key 375


Keys 376 - 380 - Holding Out for Quality and other Discoveries

Keys 376 - 380 - Holding Out for Quality and other Discoveries

Keys 367 - 370

Keys 367 - 370