Keys 416 - 419 Moving Along

Keys 416 - 419 Moving Along

Feels pretty great to get past the 400 mark - I'm looking forward to getting some time this weekend to make more keys!!! Key 416 one side

Key 416: centre terminal* is spray painted white and gold; 80's earring and 60's (?) broach on the one side; pearly button, plastic earring and two necklace bits (used to cover up the price that was written on the washer) on the other side.

Key 416 other side

Key 417 one side

Key 417: gold spray painted terminal, sparkly gold bracelets (thank you Value Village), and two links from a gold chain make up the base of the key; I used a big plastic jewel on the one side - even though I usually avoid plastic I think this one looks just fine; a broken glass pendant and some older pearly filigree covered beads in the end bits on the other side.

Key 417 other side

Key 418 one side

Key 418: copper washer and seals on the handle and a beadless piece of necklace (see the other side of Key 416 for the beads) on the end bit of this unpainted key. Fine black earring from my sister-in-law on the one side and a lovely metal filigree pendant and some beads on the other side.

Key 418 other side

Key 419 one side

Key 419: a gold spray painted terminal and the hinge from a cupboard for the base; a decoration from a belt and some beads on the one side; a fancy enamel type bead on the other side along with some tiger eye beads (which were so popular in the 90's)

Key 419 other side

*terminal - a metal pin used by the military to tie down metal cables; the ones I'm using are standard military issue stainless steel from 1957.

Key 420 -  And then

Key 420 - And then

Key 415 - This one's a Keeper

Key 415 - This one's a Keeper