Keys 531 - 540 from Ten Keys Ten Ways

Keys 531 - 540 from Ten Keys Ten Ways

Here is another installment of Ten Keys Ten Ways: Key 531 made with rusty parts

Key 531

Key 532 rust print from vinegar on Yupo paper.

I'm not sure why this was only a partial print but I like the look of it.

Key 532

Key 533 rust print from vinegar on cloth

Key 533

Key 534 rust print from Holiday Chai tea on Stonehenge paper

This tea left more rust on the print than any of the other liquids did.

Key 534

Key 535 rust print from onion and salt water on Bristol board

You can't tell from the picture but the salt left a nice grainy texture on the paper.

Key 535

Key 536 rust print from Santa’s Secret tea on rice paper

I think I like the way the tea on rice paper worked the best; I'm consistently happy with these prints.

Key 536

Key 537 rust print from Cranberry tea and vinegar on Arches 88 paper; this watercolour paper is soft and luscious - I'd like to try more prints with different liquids on this paper.

Key 537

Key 538 rust print from vinegar on parchment paper; the parchment paper looks best                   when held up to the light - it's translucent in the areas with vinegar/rust.

Key 538

Key 539 rust print from green tea on sketch paper; I'm amazed at how black the tea became after coming in contact with the rust.

Key 539

                                              Key 540 print from bleach on velvet; this is one of the more                            successful bleach prints (enhanced with some conte crayon).

Key 540

SS Chest

SS Chest

Keys 521 - 530 from Ten Keys Ten Ways

Keys 521 - 530 from Ten Keys Ten Ways