Keys 648 - 650 Gifts and Treasures Everywhere

Keys 648 - 650 Gifts and Treasures Everywhere

I am so happy that summer is here - my favourite time of the year! I am behind in my key making plans and hope to get outside this week with a box of supplies and make more keys. It is truly a thrill to take unwanted and forgotten bits and pieces and make something shiny and new. Here's what I've finished recently: Key 648 one side

Key 648 other side

I bought the gold red-centred broach in Key 648 at a thrift shop last year; I'm pretty sure I've had the little lock on the end for over a decade.

Key 649 one side


Key 649 has a piece of a lovely and rich old rhinestone necklace on the one side and a sophisticated pearl piece on the bottom of the other side.

Key 649 other side

Key 650 one side

Key 650 other side

Key 650 has an iridescent belt buckle on the one side and two cats on the other. The end piece is a plug from an electrical box that I found on a ledge in a local restaurant; I'm glad the electrician forgot to throw it out.



Keys 651 - 652 Reflections of a Mind State

Keys 644 - 647

Keys 644 - 647