Keys 657 - 663 Random Info

Keys 657 - 663 Random Info

Lately I've been wondering just how much the keys are a reflection of my state of mind and what's happening in my world. If that were so then I'd say this latest batch tells a tale of emotion hidden behind formality (Key 657), surprise gifts from my surroundings (Key 658), getting rid of what's not working and receiving support from my spouse (Key 659), simplifying things (Key 660), recognizing that things are beautiful even if they are hard to see (Key 661), being beat up and dented by modern times (Key 662), and finding hope and healing in nature (Key 663). Yup - that pretty much sums up the past few weeks!

Here's some other random info on the keys:

Key 657 has a bleeding heart on the one side and rows of sparkles on the other that for some reason make me think "tuxedo".

Key 657 one side

Key 657 other side

Key 658 one side

Key 658 other side

Key 658 has a very lovely coat of chrome spray paint - I didn't think I would consider spray paint luscious until I used this stuff. The end bit is a recent road find.

Key 659 one side

Key 659 other side

Key 659 has little bits of mirror (from a mirror ball perhaps?) that my husband picked out of a puddle for me on Father's Day. That was a rough personal day for me so it's nice to see that something pretty came out of it. The end piece is the hinge from a silver cutlery box. Last year I collected several of those boxes to store supplies in. At first I thought the boxes were great but they were heavy and soon I had so many supplies I couldn't remember which box they were in. I abandoned the boxes and instead sorted all my bits and pieces into Ziploc bags. I was cleaning up my basement when I came across some clear storage bins and put some supplies in there. The bins worked much better than the bags and several trips to London Drugs later I had a better storage/working system! This summer I've been cleaning up the garage (a long, slow job as frankly the task is a bot overwhelming) and I decided to let the cutlery boxes go and salvage what I could from them.

Key 660 one side

Key 660 other side

Key 660 is pretty simple and a bit of a rest from all the drama around Key 659.

Key 661 one side

Key 661 other side

Key 661 is another luscious painted chrome key. I was unable to get a good picture of  the other side of this key - that's three black beads underneath the very sparkly blue centre.

Key 662 one side










Key 662 other side

Key 662 has a plastic digital watch on the one side and an old-fashioned looking gold watch on the other side. I don't usually use plastic bits in the keys but the little purple watch seemed right. I accidentally dented up one of the rings when I was taking off a big resin drip. Sadly I couldn't shape it back into a circle. So here's a key about getting dented up as time ticks by...Key 663 one side

Key 663 one side

Key 663 other side

I am really grateful for Key 663. It's clear and happy. A relief after the worn-outness of Key 662. I smashed apart a heart charm for the other side of this key. I had no idea I had the little bird pin - it was a joy to find it and add something hopeful to this key and my week.





Keys 664 - 665 Abandoning what's not working

Keys 664 - 665 Abandoning what's not working

Keys 653 - 656 with only a few observations

Keys 653 - 656 with only a few observations