Keys 671 - 677

Keys 671 - 677

Key 671 has a squished and rusty earring from the road that's been waiting for the right key to land on for about a year...Key 672 has some light hints of blue...Key 673 has run over parts...Key 674 has circus colours and some hearts...Key 675 also has a bit of heart and some hints of green...Key 676 has more green, a harvest symbol, and a reminder to slow down...Key 676 is bold and silver and has some mirrored tiles that my husband rescued for me from the gutter. It's been a tough week with lots going on in the world. Let whatever light you have shine. I'm going to celebrate creativity and make keys.

Key 671 one side

Key 671 other side

Key 672 one side

Key 672 other side

Key 673 one side

Key 673 other side

Key 674 one side

Key 674 other side

Key 675 one side

Key 675 other side

Key 676 one side

Key 676 other side

Key 677 one side

Key 677 other side

Keys 681 - 683 On Being Ten Again

Keys 681 - 683 On Being Ten Again

Keys 667 - 670

Keys 667 - 670