Keys 718 - 726 back to the found objects

Keys 718 - 726 back to the found objects

After Key 718 I decided to make more paper quilled keys at another time; right now I'm very happy to be creating again with found objects. Here is the latest round of keys (some of which contain bits from a recent trip to England and Ireland): Key 718

Key 719 one side

Key 719 other side

Key 719 has been patiently waiting for my flirtation with paper quilling to end so that I could finish it.

Key 720 one side

Key 720 other side

Key 720 is (mostly) made up from street bits found near my house. I love the way those beat up and rusted washers look after they are resined.

Key 721 one side

Key 721 other side

The big washer on Key 721 is from the street in Belfast.









Key 722 one side

Key 722 other side

Key 723 one side

Key 723 other side

My husband found the very interesting centre piece of this key on his way to the coffee shop last week.

Key 724 one side

Key 724 other side

Keys 725 and 726 include dresser drawer handles from a recent sale at our local farmer's market. The centre pieces and end bit on Key 724 are from the South Kensington neighbourhood of London.

Key 725 one side

Key 725 other side

Key 726 one side

Key 726 other side

The Christmas ornament on the end of Key 726 was also a "walk to the coffee shop" find by my husband. The gold bits at the end are the tops of golf clubs from a fancy "bag of golf clubs" sun catcher ornament (purchased at a church garage sale).


Keys 727 - 729

Keys 727 - 729

Keys 714 - 717 and some found objects

Keys 714 - 717 and some found objects