Keys 734 - 736 more road treasures

Keys 734 - 736 more road treasures

Key 734 one side  

Key 734 is demure and delicate and made from a ring, a locket,  a divider, sparkles, and a few more hearts.






Key 734 other side


Key 735 one side


Key 735 has bits from Rose's Auction, the Mennonite Clothes Closet, a favourite shirt, garage sales, estate sales, and the streets near my house. The key on the end of the one side has the word "love" stamped into it. The circle at the top has the word "inspire".

Key 735 other side

That's a dog tag behind the watch face on the other side - the word "Saskatoon" is stamped into that. A key to inspire love and time for Saskatoon!


Key 736 one side


I'm not sure what drove over the end bit on Key 736 but the metal is very gnarled - must have been a really big truck. The centre is a rusted CFCR button from the street near my house. This key also has several buttons from that favourite shirt.

Key 736 other side


Keys 737 - 738 Who Are These People?

Keys 737 - 738 Who Are These People?

Key 730 - 733 Unintentional Reflections