Templates from Keys - also Keys 751 and 752

Templates from Keys - also Keys 751 and 752

Last month I made ten cardboard (i.e. cereal box) templates from ten keys* that I had around the house. *one was a gift from Scotland, one was a key I made, one was from the opening of a building in the 70's that my dad was somehow a part of, one was a magnifying glass my husband bought me from Soul Paper during Saskatoon's first ever Nuit Blanche, and the others were Christmas decorations - including the original $2 Canadian Tire ornament by Debbie Travis that sparked my whole interest in keys thing.

Keys and Templates

I'm interested in using these ten templates as a starting point for ten different types of paper keys.

Here is Template 1:

Template 1

And here is the key I made from that template using standard issue paper quilling paper:

Key 751

Key 752 was made using hand-cut (by me!) quilling paper. I like the delicacy of the original quilling paper but I'm fonder of this wider paper - I find it creates a more luscious key.

Key 752

Currently I'm working on a paper mache version of template 1. It's rather messy. And time consuming. Should be ready in a few days...


I have more ideas than I have time

Keys 748 - 750 Crazy!

Keys 748 - 750 Crazy!