Spawn of Template 2 (Keys 845 - 853)

Spawn of Template 2 (Keys 845 - 853)

Happily I've finished the rest of the ten keys ten ways from Template 2. I'm trying not to think about the 8 more templates I have to work through as the task seems a bit daunting. That's partly because 80 keys is a lot (I know, I know, it's less than 5000 - don't even go there) and also because I'm still learning how to work with most of the paper techniques I'm using. At least the pop-up cards are getting easier! Here are the versions of Template 2 that I worked from:

Template 2

Here are the keys:

Key 845 is made from paper mache.

Key 845


Key 846

Key 846 is embossed parchment paper. Key 847 is embossed vellum paper. I actually made Key 847 first but didn't think the embossing was distinct enough so I went back to the parchment. I wasn't going to count the embossed vellum key...but really, I need to include every key, because 5000!

Key 847

Key 848 is a paper sculpture made using Bristol board; it worked quite well. I hope to get better at this as I really like the look of paper sculpture!

Key 848

Key 849 is made out of paper clay.

Key 849

Key 850 is a pop-up card.

Key 850

Key 851 is made with beautiful terraskin paper. I pressed various bits of jewelry into the paper and made impressions in the shape of template 2; next I deepened the impressions with an embossing tool.

Key 851

Key 852 is a paper collage. I'm really enjoying making the collages - it's not something I've done before these template keys - I find it fun to do!

Key 852

Key 853 is actually one of the templates covered in glitter.

Key 853

Here's a shot of all the keys from template 2:

Spawn of Template 2




Keys 854 - 855 (from Template 3)

Keys 854 - 855 (from Template 3)

Keys 841 - 844 The Fallen

Keys 841 - 844 The Fallen