Keys 856 - 863 (from Template 3)

Keys 856 - 863 (from Template 3)

Finally finished the paper interpretations of Template 3!

Key 856 is made from paper mache. I used thinner strips of newspaper this time and pinned and glued them into the shape I wanted. Once that part dried I covered it with white tissue paper dipped in paper mache paste. I cook the paste my self and use 1 part flour, 5 parts water, and 2 tbsp salt. Once all the layers (3 - 5) are dry I paint the key.


Key 856

Key 857 is embossed vellum. This vellum is actually a sea foam green (yes, I know, one day I will study photography and improve that skill - today is not that day!).

Key 857

Key 858 is a paper sculpture.

Key 858

Key 859 is made from paperclay. Sadly the lovely paperclay I made last month only lasted so long in the fridge before becoming moldy. I only got two keys out of it before I had to throw it out! I thought about making all the paper mache and paperclay keys at one time so that the paste and clay wouldn't go bad before I finished. In the end I decided to stick with my original process of working through one template at a time. I'm really getting to know each template by working this way. This also gives me some problem solving time and often when I return to a medium I'm a little better at it.

I decided not to make more paperclay because I happened to have a package of store bought stuff. It's smoother and heavier than the home made kind.

Key 859

Key 860 is a pop-up card.

Key 860

Key 861 is a paper collage. I'm truly enjoying this collage work as it's not something I've ever really done before this project.

Key 861

Key 862 is red glitter on the black key template I used for Keys 854 - 861.

Key 862

I forgot to make an impressed key in terraskin paper. Here it is as Key 863:

Key 863

And here are all the paper keys that sprang from Template 3:

Template 3 Keys

Keys 864, 865 (from Template 4)

Keys 854 - 855 (from Template 3)

Keys 854 - 855 (from Template 3)