Feel Good February! Keys 866 - 897

Feel Good February! Keys 866 - 897

The Wellness Committee at my workplace is currently promoting a project called "Feel Good February". The idea is to perform random acts of kindness and pass the kindness along. Hmm...how best to take part...I was a recipient of a lovely random act of kindness last year... My husband noticed something under a chair in the Toronto airport and asked me to pick it up - it was a rock with a drawing of a dragon fly on one side and a message on the other that said "You r loved!".  There was also a typewritten note:



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On the other side of the note was a handwritten message: Cadrain Reunion 2016.

The mission of The Abundant Love Project is: "to touch the heart of individuals through a random act of kindness, and to let people know that no matter how bad their day is going, they are loved...and to keep going. They are worth it and their life matters to many."

The Abundant Love Project was started by author and artist Deborah DeLisi. This was born out of a "lifequake" experience after Ms. DeLisi's daughter Kate committed suicide;  read about Deborah's moving and inspiring story here.

In honour of Feel Good February and The Abundant Love Project I have made some You are Loved! keys on rocks. I've already left a few them around town and will be passing the rest of them along over the coming weeks.

Key 866

Key 867

Keys 868, 869, 870, 871, 872


Keys 873, 874, 875, 876, 877, 878


Keys 879, 880, 881, 882, 883,


Keys 886, 887, 888, 889, 890,891, 892, 893, 894, 895, 896, 897


You are Loved!


Recount! (Keys 898 - 905)

Recount! (Keys 898 - 905)

Keys 864, 865 (from Template 4)