Keys 992 - 997 Computer Parts and Other Bits

Key 992 is built around two shoe stretchers that I got at the Montgomery Place garage sale a few years ago.

I took the tops off and made the key shaft by putting the long pieces together. I bent the curved metal part around an old bracelet and used one of the tops (turned sideways) to hold a coiled copper piece from a computer.

The orange bit on the end of side one is also from a computer.

Key 993 uses more computer parts!

Key 994 incorporates a dream catcher that my daughter had when she was young.

Key 995 is made with a small terminal - I have well over 1000 large terminals (and possibly 2000 of them) but very few small terminals - they are precious to me. The rusted washer is from the road and is also precious to me - the patina is so beautiful! - I love how there are so many free things in the world and how something that was run over and just generally kicked around can be brought to life in a prominent setting.

Key 996 is made from a bracelet I straightened out, parts of a belt, a ring (the elephant on the end), a curly bit, and a screw that most likely came from a sewing machine.

Key 997 is made from a flattened bracelet, covered with key ends, brass bits, parts of necklaces, a rusted washer, and the back of a pin.


Keys 998 - 999

Keys 998 - 999

A Few Short Stories: Keys 988 - 991

A Few Short Stories: Keys 988 - 991