Petit Point - Keys 1616 - 1628

Petit Point - Keys 1616 - 1628

When I was little my grandma had petit point pictures of The Blue Boy and The Pink Lady in her house. I so loved the way the thread looked against the delicate mesh it was stitched into. Needlepoint just didn’t hold the same allure to me.

Pink Lady and Blue boy petit point.JPG

My mom had a series of petit point pictures on our staircase. I think I was about 8 or 9 when I learned how to embroider, I’m not sure when I first tried petit point. I do remember working on a poppy in a bowl pattern that took forever. I think it was a pattern my mom started and gave up on.

Poppies in basket.JPG

It was epic as far as needlework goes! I did finish it at some point (university maybe?) and I think I gave it to my mom but I have no idea what eventually happened to it.

That experience stopped any stitching desires for a long time.

And now, here I am, creating keys in methods I used as a child.

Luckily I was able to get some mesh petit point scraps from our local knitting emporium. The mesh isn’t readily available these days and what I could find on-line was very expensive! If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I’ve chosen 10 keys to revisit through this childhood memory process. I made a few very small keys too, bringing my key total up to 1628.

I took the 10 key drawings that I’ve chosen for this project and traced them onto graph paper. Initially I coloured in some of the squares to complete my pattern making- but it was just as easy to choose the colours as I went along so I quickly abandoned that process.

Petit point key patterns.JPG

The actual stitching was entirely enjoyable - I remember why I liked doing this when I was younger. Following my make-shift patterns wasn’t always enjoyable though. So I decided to just wing it a bit. I ended up taking out the stitches on one of the keys because it was just a bit too wingy with my “freehand”. I also redrew some of the patterns so that they were more consciously lined up with the squares on the graph paper. After a few weeks of trial and error I eventually found my groove and came to an enjoyable place where I sort of followed the pattern and I sort of just eyeballed what looked good to me. Hah - a metaphor for how I navigate life!

I’m pretty happy with the results and somewhat sad to have finished this section of the 5000 Keys (although I do have one nice scrap of mesh left so the possibility of more petit point is still there for me).

Keys 1616 - 1618.JPG
Key 1616 - 1.JPG
Key 1617 - 1.JPG
Key 1618 - 1.JPG
Key 1619 - 1.JPG
Key 1620 - 1.JPG
Key 1621 - 1.JPG
Key 1622 - 1.JPG
Key 1623 - 1.JPG
Key 1625 - 1.JPG
Key 1626 - 1.JPG
Key 1627 - 1.JPG
Key 1628 - 1.JPG
Dip-it Revisited - Keys 1629 - 1630

Dip-it Revisited - Keys 1629 - 1630

Finished Poster: Keys 1541 - 1615

Finished Poster: Keys 1541 - 1615