#58 - A Key Remembered

I had forgotten about this key: key 58 one side

key 58 other side

A friend gave me a few things that she had been carrying around in her jewelry case for many years and several moves but didn't actively use.

So I made a key for her. I knew that the little silver fingernail was from a show she was in sometime in the 80's; I also knew that the spiral wire on the "other side" of the key was from a clip that belonged to her grandfather.

What I didn't know was that the barrette on "one side" of the key was her grandmother's. Or that her birthstone was amethyst (well, I should have known that because I gave her the key for her birthday in February). I picked out the purple bead because it was the only one that looked right.

It's nice when things work out in a deeper (more meaningful?) way like that.

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