Key #57

one side Key 57 This key made me very happy. I like the way it looks. It's not that I don't like the way the other keys look, it's just that this one seems to have a bit more magic in it. Maybe it's because it's made from a pair and a half of earrings that my friend gave me on that Treasure Tuesday  , or maybe it's because my daughter told me that it reminded her of the flying keys in Harry Potter, or maybe it's because I added the chain earring at the lock point and I really like the way that turned out even if it isn't very logical for a key shape (no matter how unrealistic the portrayal), or maybe it's because it's sparkly and I like sparkles. Or because the back of it is a bit steampunk to me even if it is all silver:

other side key 57

But I think it's mostly because even if the parts are unwanted and the centre point on the one side is a "wrecked" piece of jewelry they all come together in a way that looks beautiful to me. Reminding me once again that everything can be transformed into something that sparks delight.

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#58 - A Key Remembered