Keys 82 - 87

Key 82 is made from some long skinny piece of metal my husband brought home for me, some cabinet hardware (think 1960's bathrooms),some other weird piece of metal from the road (and my spouse), the smashed up bell that was on our cat's collar (on the top of the key "handle"), the back of a clip on earring, some jewels and the front of the clip on earring (from the treasure my sister-in-law sent me) and a little piece from the clasp of a broach just to finish it off. I'd tried using a gold ankle chain but it just didn't work. one side key 82


other side key 82

This side has a pin that most likely came from a bag of Value Village jewelry bits. And a rhinestone. Because I like sparkly things amidst the rusty things (which I also like).

Keys 83 and 84 are mostly decorated with jewels from that epic garage sale I went to a week or so ago...also there is the back of a watch maybe? that was found on the road (not sure who brought that home), a plastic fashion doll necklace, and the strike plate from the receiving end/door jam end of a door handle - this I found while biking last week. Why this would be on the road is really a big mystery to me. It just doesn't seem like the type of object someone would carry around and inadvertently drop on the road.

one side keys 83, 84

other side keys 83,84

one side key 85


I decided to spray paint some of the key shafts and bought some copper and gold spray paint. I am very happy with the way this turned out. Often I am too quick (impatient?) when spray painting and end up with a bit of a mess. Maybe because I only had dashes of time here and there I ended up taking more time, and doing a better job. This key (85) has some sealing rings - I love the way they match the paint so well! The one side has a fancy bead that must be popular because I end up getting this style of bead often when buying bags of beads from different sources.

This key is special to me. It just feels really nice in my hand. My sister-in-law had sent me two clip on earrings in that box of treasures; the first one is in Key 82 and here is the second one:

other side key 85

Also, here is the back of that same clip on earring along with a rhinestone from those bags of beads I got at that epic garage sale. I think the "earring" looks more interesting because it's missing a rhinestone - the delicacy of the setting is more visible and intriguing.

one side keys 86, 87

other side keys 86, 87

Keys 86 and 87 both use some pieces that I have been trying to find a place/home for. The gold shell (which was a pin originally) on key 86 was actually a baptism gift for my first born. I cannot remember what the significance of a gold shell and a baptism is. The bumblebee was from that epic garage sale - as were most of the jewels in these keys. The broach on key 86 was from my sister-in-law. Underneath the bumblebee on key 87 is a small curved earring; this has been sitting on my table for several months just waiting for the right key to land on.

Thank you sister-in-law for sending me so many beautiful treasures!

Thank you husband for bringing home so many cool things!

Thank you epic garage sale lady for the good deal!

Thank you Value Village for recognizing that someone might want that broken jewelry!


Thank you reader for following along!

"We might be humble enough to learn..."

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