"We might be humble enough to learn..."

I'm trying out an idea from Pinterest where beautiful paper is created by pouring orange degreaser onto pictures in old National Geographic magazines. The magazines need to be old and the degreaser needs to be strong.  I tried this the other day and nothing happened except the ending up with water-damaged (degreaser-damaged?) orange smelling magazines.

Perhaps the magazines I have aren't old enough - they are from the late 80's and the Pinterest post said something about being at least ten years old and then mentioned the 70's - or perhaps the degreaser I tried wasn't concentrated enough. Today I was at a store that had concentrated orange degreaser so I thought - I'm going to try that. So I am. The magazine is soaking as I write ( the degreaser needs 30 minutes to work its ink mixing magic).

When I was opening up the magazines the very first picture I opened to today was this:

Ancient bronze keys from Caesarea

I thought that was pretty spectacular - to land on a picture of ancient keys.  One of these keys was worn as a ring. The photo caption notes the keys "display the artistry accorded even common household objects."

When I took the photo of this photo I noticed the quote above the photo: "We might be humble enough to learn...".

But what, I don't know - the significance of keys perhaps?

Ok. I checked on the magazines; they are wet and smell of oranges.

The ink has not moved.

I also found the rest of that article - Caesarea was Herod's city on the sea - and the end of the quote was "...from the ancients."

That may be.

I'm going to be humble enough to learn from my mistakes and try the degreaser on some National Geographic magazines from the 70's (I just have to find some first).

Also I am going to stick with my initial reaction that landing on this picture tonight was a magical, meaningful sign to keep making keys! (only 4,913 to go...)


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