Supplies, Sales, and Small Successes (plus two more keys!)

Someone asked me what I had for key making supplies and wondered what they'd look like in a big pile...well I didn't put them all together in a pile because I'm finally getting things organized...but I did take many pictures: supplies

and more supplies

more supplies

supplies on the table


sparkly bits

supplies in their boxes

Good thing I got that display rack hey? It holds a lot of stuff!

sculpture and key supplies

taking things apart for supplies...

supplies for large keys

key supplies

sculpture and key supplies

Yes a fair bit o' stuff...

OK, quite a lot of stuff!

Well, I'm going to need a lot of stuff...

Because frankly, I've got some 4900 hundred more keys to go...

...I decided to go into another                   sale tomorrow so am busy preparing for that. Pretty excited about being a apart of "Art in the Park" in the lovely Caswell Hill neighbourhood.

It's going to be hot and sunny!

And perhaps people will like my work...

After a rather elaborate initial drying method for applying resin to keys I decided to try using a small brush instead of the craft stick. This. Worked. Very. Well. It simplified the drying process (no more tying keys to things so that drips wouldn't make contact) and allowed for more control of the resin application.

I'm calling it a small success but really it's a bit of a breakthrough. As soon as I get caught up on applying resin to past keys I'll be ready to make more keys.

Speaking of more...I discovered that I had completed two new keys while trying to organize what I had resined and what I had not resined:

one side key 106

other side key 106

other side key 107

one side key 107

so that's not bad hey? slowly getting there...


Wanderings along the path and five more keys...