Wanderings along the path and five more keys...

dragon eggs drying in cups After yet another repair job I applied resin to those dragon eggs and tried again...Detours of Dragons and Despair...this seemed to mostly work. There were a few small spots on the edges where contact was made on some of the cups. In the end I used some clear nail polish to cover those teeny bits.

I'm still thinking of ways to improve this resin process because I really like the way it looks and feels when dry and I realize that it could be better (like, a lot, better).


Here's another picture of drying eggs:

more drying eggs

Speaking of resin...I decided to cover all of the smaller unframed keys I currently have with resin (67 keys). So far I have a coat of resin on the lock end; it's still a bit tacky but doesn't look like I have too many drips.

more drying keys

resin drying on keys

Initially I wired the keys to an earring stand I picked up at a garage sale on the weekend. Then I used shoelaces to tie them to a drying rack I had (used for paper sculpture).

I needed more places to tie keys so I emptied out some supply buckets that I've had since university (when I just really loved all the vinyl covered wire baskets that were everywhere at the time). I ran out of shoelaces so switched to ribbon (which worked even better than the shoelaces, which worked better than the wire); but then I ran out of ribbon so had to use yarn. Which was OK...

I have more wood-shedding* to do when it comes to using the resin (*a fun way of saying practice - the idea being that you need to go out to the woodshed and work on skills).

On Saturday I took part in an event called Artsfest. Artists rent tables in a trendy shopping district and sell things to trendy buyers. This year the event moved back inside businesses because the street closure events of the past sometimes had weather challenges. It was a good experience and I was very fortunate to have people come by and support me.

Here's some pics from the Artsfest path:

looking for a box for dragon eggs and mushrooms


fairy doors ready to be packed

Packing up some keys

some sculptures







People really loved the fairy doors and I sold almost all of them.

and wands!


table at Artsfest

the Red Bull stage/truck









New this year at Artfest was the "Red Bull Bus".  This is a big RV that opens out into a fancy stage. A fancy stage that held rock bands. Rock bands who have a street closure in front of them for the audience. Rock bands who are good, and loud, and draw a crowd of party people who aren't really interested in looking at art. This big bus was set up right outside the door of the store I was in. So...while I had a good experience...had I not been in the backstage area of a street closure for several rock bands I might have had a great experience.

The next day I stopped at a few garage sales. The first stop yielded this:

sewing machine stand

I've decided to alter this stand so that it becomes more connected to the sculpture that is on top of it. In case you're wondering, this is an infinity box; a box filled with mirrors so that the things inside it are reflected (and reflected, and reflected, and so on, and so on...like that old Doublemint gum commercial).

This sculpture is called Fantastic Forest.




Here's a picture of the inside:

Fantastic Forest interior

At the end of the day I came across this old sewing machine - complete with attachments!

old singer sewing machine

I've already started taking this apart and, similar to the adding machine, I've come to an impasse - the remaining screws and rivets will need to be drilled out. As soon as I get some time (and some courage!) I'll try that.

Oh, and in amongst all these meanderings I made some keys:

one side key 101









other side key 101









one side key 102


other side key 102

one side key 103

other side key 103
























one side key 104

other side key 104

one side key 105

other side key 105


Supplies, Sales, and Small Successes (plus two more keys!)

Detours of Dragons and Despair