Keys 155 - 163

Keys 155 - 163

Key 155 Key 156

Key 157

Key 158







Key 159

Key 160

Key 161

Key 161 is the last wooden key from this set...not sure if I will make more of these types of keys or not...depends on what I find.





Keys 162 & 163


These last two keys are one-sided because that's just how they wanted to be. 162 has three twist off bottle caps that I found in the parking lot at work. I'm not sure if the caps were for beer or coolers. The result of some sort of parking lot party. Key 163 has a juice lid that I found in the back alley near my house. The result of some sort of inability to through the lid into one of the many (many) garbage cans or recycling bins that line the alley. Bonus for me (and Key 163!)



Butterflies and Black Accents - Keys 164 - 175

Keys 140 - 154

Keys 140 - 154