Butterflies and Black Accents - Keys 164 - 175

one side keys 164, 165 I've been having fun making keys and I'm slowly, very slowly, getting better at applying the resin. I was particularly happy with how well the resin turned out on key 164.

I noticed in this latest grouping of keys that I seem to be using a fair bit of black jewelry...




other side keys 164, 165

...I have no idea if this is a reflection of mood or just the randomness of what is in the bag of jewelry bits in front of me. I'm usually drawn to blues, purples, greens, and sparkly things. Sometimes bold, primary colours. Sometimes swirled and muted colours. Oh, and rust too. Particularly rusted things. And wrecked things. Forgotten things. OK. It is all good.


one side keys 166, 167

other side keys 166, 167

one side keys 168, 169, 170

other side keys 168, 169, 170

Key 171

one side keys 172, 173

other side keys 172, 173


I also noticed that I've been repeatedly using butterflies. That's partly because I was at a garage sale where the seller appeared to have collected many butterfly objects (or people thought the seller should be collecting them - perhaps that's why they were for sale) and partly because I know a few people who really like them.

other side key 174

one side key 174

I'm not sure I like how "short" key 175 is. But I am happy with how the butterfly flutters on one side and how the owl necklace I used on the other side became a moth. And it has black eyes. Butterflies, black, and now moths...

one side key 175

other side key 175

Keys 176 - 187

Keys 155 - 163

Keys 155 - 163