Keys 226 - 230 and some son support

Keys 226 - 230 and some son support

one side key 226 My son told me to include a banana in my photos. Apparently it's a thing people do for scale. Young, and presumably, cool people that is. The first banana picture I took got some laughs from friends and comments that my son was having fun with me. No, other mothers' of young people assured me, it's a thing.

I found this rusty tin can that I used for key 226 in the alley near my house. I quite like rusty stuff; it's interesting to me.

other side key 226

I find that I like all of the keys (which is a good thing as I've got a lot more to make). Sometimes these little simple keys are particularly restful.

one side key 227

other side key 227

I'm getting better at getting the sealing rings into the right spot on these larger keys.

one side key 228

other side key 228









Key 229 is made with a fishing lure. I was very happy with the way it turned out; I love the colours in the rhinestones and the texture of the lure. Also, I was less drippy with the resin so the overall finish is better.

one side key 229

other side key 229









My son brought me the round coffee grinder blade thing that I used in key 230. I'm very grateful for his thoughtfulness and his photo/social media advice.

key 230


Keys 231 - 238

Keys 231 - 238

Keys 214 - 225

Keys 214 - 225