Keys 231 - 238

Keys 231 - 238

one side key 231, 232 I didn't notice until I took a photo of the other side how alike keys 231 and 232 are. Black and gold accents on one side and gold accents on the other. Seems they are meant to be together; like a long married couple - more similarities than differences.




other side key 231, 232

Key 233 is made with a canning lid that I'm pretty sure I found on the road. The knight's head is from a small wooden thing that possibly held ties and cufflinks. I'm very sure where I found it (garage sale) even if I'm not sure what the purpose of the wooden box with the metal holder things was.

one side key 233

other side key 233









I am getting a soft spot for these little keys...also enjoying having dangly chain bits at the end although what kind of lock that would work in I'm not sure.

one side key 234

other side key 234








Key 235 is fairly majestic - I like the old world charm that this key reminds me of and I like the centre pieces - although the broach on the other side is slightly more appealing to me because it sparkles.

one side key 235

other side key 235









Key 236 is the funnest key I've made so far! I like that it's very different and chunky.

key 236

Another smaller key to capture my heart.

one side key 237

other side key 237


I do like both sides of this key and am a little more partial to the other side even though the blue on the one side is soothing



Key 238 is particularly steampunk and also fun to me.

one side key 238









other side key 238


Thanks for looking!


Keys 239 - 252

Keys 239 - 252

Keys 226 - 230 and some son support

Keys 226 - 230 and some son support