Keys 426 - 428 Going Bigger

Keys 426 - 428 Going Bigger

I found some lovely gold shuffleboard poles at Value Village, cut them up, and began using them for keys...

Key 426 one side

Key 426 is quite a bit larger than the other keys I've been making (just over twice as long). My that toothpick looks teeny next to this key - that's because it is!

Key 426 detail

A big cuff bracelet, filled with a necklace and coated in resin, is at the top end.

Key 426 other side


A sparkly belt buckle and some jewels are near the bottom end.







Key 427 has a dresser drawer pull and brass butterfly from a wind chime one the one side.

Key 427 one side

And a piece of belt buckle on the centre of the other side. The back of the drawer pull is filled with broken glass bits that I no longer remember where they came from and the whole thing is coated/filled with resin. The butterfly has a rivet from the belt buckle in the middle of it.

Key 427 other side

Key 428 one side

Key 428 is made from a beautiful piece of soft copper pipe - if I were a plumber I'd know exactly what this pipe is called. And it might not be a pipe per se; more a conduit. There is a butterfly broach on the one side and a sparkly jewel on the other side. The end piece is part of a drawer pull from the cabinet of a very old Singer sewing machine.

Key 428 other side


Keys 429 - 431 A big Heart and some busted glass

Keys 429 - 431 A big Heart and some busted glass

Key 2 - back in the studio

Key 2 - back in the studio