Keys 449 - 455 Lucky Finds

Keys 449 - 455 Lucky Finds

I'm very interested in and grateful for the large variety of bits and pieces available to me from garage sales, flea markets, reuse stores, generous people, and the ground. Key 449 one side

Key 449 has an impressive wreathed crest (Cadillac maybe?) and a cool little saw blade bit (well that's what it looks like - I have no idea what this bit is really for) in the centre of the other side. Also, you can see through the other side to the red "jewel" on the one side.

Key 449 other side


Key 450 one side

Key 450 has rings from a belt, a filigree broach, and some lovely sparkly bits. I think this goes well with the gold and white spray painted terminal.

Key 450 other side

Key 451 one side

Key 451 has the remains of a dollar store butterfly that was kicked around before my husband found it on his daily walk to the coffee shop.

Key 451 other side

Key 452 one side

Key 452 has a small gold pin of a man carrying a torch and a sheaf of wheat (located on the end of the other side). Not sure who this man represents - a Roman or Greek god?

Key 452 other side

Key 453 one side

Key 453 has rings from a very sparkly earring and a pink-centred broach that took somewhat of an effort to get the pin off of. The pin prevented the broach from lying flat on the key. Key 453 is probably the tenth key I tried this broach on before finally deciding this is the one and hacking off the pin bit (which I then glued on the end of the other side of the key).

Key 453 other side

Key 454 one side

Key 454 has pieces of a lovely gold bracelet around the top and end of the other side as well as an emblem from a flea market. This key has a great solidness to it.

Key 454 other side

Key 455 one side

Key 455 is made from some unique copper pieces that made up an interesting copper and steel necklace. The lucky bit was a gift from the road.

Key 455 other side


Keys 456 - 464  A Cache of Keys

Keys 456 - 464 A Cache of Keys

Keys 445 - 448 Some Flea Market Finds

Keys 445 - 448 Some Flea Market Finds