Keys 456 - 464  A Cache of Keys

Keys 456 - 464 A Cache of Keys

I've been on a bit of a roll the past few weeks and am making progress on my journey to 5000 keys. I decided to call this latest batch a cache of keys because it sounds good - even though I think the proper term would be group, or set, or bunch. And I'm pretty sure a key cache is a term that 's linked with computer programming and possibly World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, here are the latest keys:

Key 456 one side

Key 456: note the stem and leaves from a flower broach on the end of the one side. The end on the other side is a pair of angel wings from a brass Christmas decoration that possibly revolved around a candle at one point. The emerald centred gold broach is from my local Mennonite Clothing store ($2).

Key 456 other side

Key 457 one side

Key 457: has a colourful springy bracelet circling some sparkly silver earrings on the handle end and a piece of butterfly that I clipped and filed from a charm on a belly dancer belt.

Key 457 other side

Key 458 one side

Key 458: is made with the brass stem of a candle holder, a gold bow, some bits of gold bracelet, and a lion's head ring.

Key 458 other side

Key 458 detail


Here's a detail of the lion's head. It's very well blended with the gold bow. One day I really will get better at taking photos...but that day is not this day.





Key 459 one side

Key 459: is made using a brass wheel from a tiny brass cannon that possibly belonged to my father and various other jewelry bits that I've acquired since deciding to make 5000 keys.

Key 459 other side

Key 460 one side

Key 460: has been spray painted black and chrome and has bits of bracelets on it. The fancy sparkly end is from a belt (thank you Value Village!).

Key 460 other side

Key 461 one side

Key 461: has a piece of filigree that was once part of a decorative cupboard door handle. Whenever I use pieces like this I think the keys look somehow French. This key really is a key of other parts - the heart is one half of a locket from Key 463 and the centre is clasp of a bracelet that was mostly used in Key 462.

Key 461 other side

Key 462 one side

Key 462: took a bit more time than most keys. I dug out my jewelry saw and sawed off a piece of the bracelet that was used to hold the butterfly charms that circle the one side. Yes, these charms are from the belly dancer belt that I also used in Key 457. I started by gluing on the charms, once those were dry then I decided the piece would fit better if I cut away some of the bracelet. Of course I knocked off some of the charms in the sawing process. So more gluing and drying time were needed.  The chain on the other side is from the bracelet I used in Key 461.

Key 462 other side

Key 463 one side

Key 463: is made with two very sparkly earring and the other half of the locket in Key 461. I smashed up a round abalone shell earring and used it to fill the one side of the locket; getting a bit matchy with the shell in the bracelet piece at the centre of that one side. And going totally matchy matchy with the black beads dotted around the other side.

Key 463 other side

Key 464 one side

Key 464 is spray painted white and gold and has a beautiful gold broach on the one side and a very sparkly piece of tiara on the other side.

Key 464 other side


Keys 449 - 455 Lucky Finds

Keys 449 - 455 Lucky Finds