Keys 625 - 628  A need for Photo Chops!

Keys 625 - 628 A need for Photo Chops!

one side key 625 I had some challenge with this latest batch of photos - I really do need to develop some photo chops!

Key 625 has some beautifully patinaed rusty bits from the ground and is intentionally off-kilter. An old school party key if you will.

other side key 625

one side key 626

Key 626 is white and delicate and today it reminded me of the recent passing of a much loved Angel(a).

other side key 626

one side key 627

Key 627 is accented with soft blues. I can't remember what kind of stone is on the one side - I think it's meant to calm the throat chakra. And yes, that's a can opener from an imitation Swiss army knife on the end (because a real Swiss army knife would not have fallen apart like this one did). I like the delicate filigree and rhinestones on the other side; but then I've always been a sucker for some filigree.


other side key 627

one side key 628

Key 628 has some hammered earrings on one end and a sewing machine attachment on the other end.

other side key 628


Keys 629 - 631

Keys 629 - 631

Keys 620 - 624

Keys 620 - 624