Keys 629 - 631

Keys 629 - 631

one side key 629 I like the soft gentle off white of the rings on this Key 629...definitely a key to somewhere dreamy...

other side key 629

one side key 630

Key 630 is made from a heavy (iron?) bracelet, a fantastic metal medallion, a locket, a broach, a button, a heart, a bit from the road, and a gold magnet that in the end stayed where I wanted it to (being a magnet it was attracted to all kinds of things - and not just things on this key). I love the weight of this key. And I love how the button in the centre on the one side looks like it was part of the locket and not an add on. This is a key for a castle!

other side key 630

one side key 631


Key 631 is bright and shiny and has a transparent green bead in the gold bit on the end that looks black in the photo - but really it's green - trust me!

other side key 631

A Compliment of Keys

Keys 625 - 628  A need for Photo Chops!

Keys 625 - 628 A need for Photo Chops!