Key 1439: Adventures in String Art

Key 1439: Adventures in String Art

My path down "crafts from my youth" continues as I attempt to transform images from previous keys into string art. For Key 1439 I learned that I'm not very good at pounding nails into wood in a perpendicular fashion - who knew it would be so hard to make them stand up straight? Not me. Who knew that string art designs should always have space between the nails? Not me. Well. I should have known that. Key 1439 doesn't really look at all like the key it is based on: paper quilled Key 686:

Which became colouring book Key 1412:

Which became wood burning Key 1437:

And now is here as " modified string art" Key 1439:

The nails are very tightly together in some places (too tightly together, really). I decided that I quite liked the look of this and gave up on the notion of making a typical string art piece. First I took a butane torch to the wood - I love the rich colour of the burnt wood! - and then I routed around for just the right string to use. I found some lovely forgotten silk ribbon in the bottom of my yarn bag. It worked very well and, with the help of some tweezers, slipped between the nails fairly easily.

Here are some shots with different lighting:

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