First Milestone - Keys 88 - 100!

other side key 88 one side key 88

Pretty happy that I have now made 100 keys!!!

And I'm pretty excited about making more! The world is abundant and the creative possibilities are truly infinite!

Speaking of abundance...this morning I had an inner nudge to check the mailbox after returning from Saturday errands (even though I'd already brought in the paper and there is no mail delivery on Saturday). My heart leapt with joy when I opened the mailbox to discover this:

mailbox treasure!

What a beautiful gift to come home to. I am very appreciative of my friend's generosity in gifting me with so many goodies!

Here are some keys:

one side key 89

This key has another pair of earrings from my Treasure Tuesday friend:

It also has a lovely extra sparkly earring in the middle and a frog charm (this is actually the second frog charm to go on here - I dropped the other one by accident and I'm not sure what part of my basement floor it's now glued to!).



other side key 89

I quite like the charms on the other side of this key. They are a soft pewter.




detail key 89




Here's a close up of that frog charm.



And here are more keys:

That's one big earring on key 90!  Zoom into key 91 for a better look at the lovely hummingbird pendant.

one side keys 90, 91

other side keys 90, 91









I enjoy all the keys but to me the ones with road detritus are the most special.  Key 93 has a lovely weathered washer.

one side keys 92. 93

other side keys 92, 93

The top piece on this other side of key 94 is from a decorative sword that we had over a decade ago. The bottom is a nail clipper "handle" that I found in the parking lot at work this week.

one side key 94

other side key 94









Key 95 is made from a silver earring; the two hammered hoops are interlinked.  I'm not sure where the gold bird pin came from. It reminds me of a phoenix.  I left the gold wire loop in the bird's mouth. I'm going to say that this key is about good fortune in the big city because the bird got the worm and something about the piece of jewelry on the other side of the key reminds me of a city skyscape.

one side key 95

other side key 95









Keys 96 and 97 are made up of broken bits. The gold flower with the red jewel is actually the centre piece from the gold bow on key 98. I like the simplicity of these keys. To me they are restful.

one side keys 96, 97

other side keys 96, 97









Key 99 has an attachment from a Singer sewing machine on the end. I can't verify it's age but possibly it's from the late 1880's.

one side keys 98, 99

other side keys 98, 99


And finally, here I am at key 100.

one side key 100

I particularly love the blue earring on the other side of this key.  And yes, that's a little key charm at the bottom.

other side key 100!

To all of you who have a long weekend - enjoy!


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